June 19, 2019

4.4 Million Lumia Sales is Indeed Impressive

920-Hero-1-jpgNokia had just pre-released their Q4 2012 financial result. Major interest point for everyone is 4.4 million Lumia phones sold/shipped in the quarter. Then I read some comments from Beta News, saying the 4.4 million is not impressive at all. I feel like having something say.

When I first saw the number in the news this morning, I was really disappointed. I hoped for a 7~8 million Lumia units sold in Q4. After all, a phone like Lumia 920 is remarkable better than anything in the market. It should sell well and signs had pointed to a good number for the last quarter. After quite a bit of reading and a couple hours of cooling down, I start get excited about the result.

People including myself forgot about where is whole Windows Phone and Lumia came from. There were a whole array of 7.5 Lumias, including Lumia 900, 800, 710, 610, 510, only two WP8 devices: Lumia 920, 820. Honestly, 820 is pretty weak as a mid range phone, e.g. 800X400 screen resolution is really too low for this range of device. All the WP7 devices are, as we know, temporary setups. That’s the very reason why Microsoft didn’t spend much marketing on WP7 devices, knowing they won’t carry on. So we are left only one device that is really selling, which is Lumia 920.

I don’t agree to what the Beta News say, but he got some facts right. There are 92 days in the quarter. Lumia 920/820 really started shipping at 14th, November, that’s 45 days gone. Also it started with limited markets, with very limited amount. Plus the those exclusive deals in the US and Europe, which further limited availability. We can assume, in light of the release of WP8 devices, who is going to buy a WP7 device knowing they can’t get a update to WP8.

Imagine what the number would be if Lumia 920 (plus 620) sold the full quarter. And imagine all the WP7 devices were WP8 devices? I think 15 million Lumia would have been sold Q4.

So, 4.4 million Lumia in Q4 is indeed impressive. Not because the absolute number, but because it is sign of what’s for the future.

Based on this number and the recent history of Lumia sales. I like to see 8 millions in Q1/13, 15 million Q2/13, 20 millions Lumias in Q3/13, 30 million Lumia Q4/13. That brings total sales of 72 million, about 10% market share.

Why Nokia Lumia 920 Is the Most Advanced Smartphone on Earth

920-Hero-1-jpgHere is quick run down as to why the Nokia Lumia 920 is the most advanced smartphone on earth.  I am not getting into any details, just a list. However, I only write what I am sure about. I am responsible for that.

1. PureView Camera with OIS.

Still Image – In low light conditions, there is no competition so far. No other phone comes close. In daylight condition, Nokia 808 is better. However Lumia 920 is still top notch for daylight images.

Video – with OIS, Lumia 920’s optical stabilization is totally amazing. There is simply no other phone comes close.

2. PureMotion HD+ screen. Pixel density 332 ppi, which is highest of smartphones. 60fps refresh rate, which is fastest of all smartphones. Not stopping here, the screen has the high contrast ratio of all smartphones.

3. Audio. HAAC recording. I don’t know if it is THE best, but it is among the best.

4. Amazing Design. I can only say it is the best. There is no other way to say it.

5. Outstanding build quality. Try search “Lumia 920 torture test”, see what you find. There is no one phone comes anywhere close to this one.

I don’t have to mention wireless charging, Nokia Drive, City Lense.






The Situation of Lumia 920

Lumia 920

Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 is unquestionably the most advanced smartphone on the market. The success of L920 will give Lumia brand a big boast. However, from sales’ volume stand point, 920 alone is not enough. The volume still belongs to the lower end phones, like Lumia 620.

Lets look at what Nokia have in the near future that would contribute to sales. In my opinion, only two: Lumia 920 and Lumia 620. All the WP7 devices should be phasing out now. The total sales of WP7 device will only decline. Lumia 820 is not selling that much from what I see. Problem with 820 is there is no compelling values for a mid-range phone. It can’t in any way compare to 920, but the price difference is two little.

Because of supply issues, and market availability, Lumia 920 can’t reach its market potential, people just can’t buy it anywhere. We have no idea what prevent Nokia from making enough 920 to satisfy the market, but we have to wait and see. In the high end market, 920 is absolutely the best phone, but in the low end market, 620 is the only choice. For $250, 620 is a remarkable phone. People’s reaction is very positive. Nokia should bring 620 to all the markets, not just developing countries.

Apart from Lumia 920 and 620, what I want to see is a $150 range WP8 phone from Nokia. That’ll be Lumia 420.