October 7, 2022

HoloLens’ Next Event Is E3




For those of us who care about HoloLens, next important event is E3. This year, E3 will be held on June 16-18 in Los Angeles. E3 is a major game event, but HoloLens will be part of the show along with Xbox One and software. Microsoft have states in different occasions, they will be presenting HoloLens in E3. On official dedicated HoloLens website: hololens.com, there is a short line: Be inspired at E3.

Not sure though, in what form or scale HoloLens will be presented. Hopefully, we will see some real games shown on HoloLens. There are two possible ways HoloLens can be used for gaming: mobile games, which are light weighted game for mobile devices, the games will run directly on HoloLens, no dependencies. Second form would be streaming from Xbox. If the second form had worked out, there is no better time than E3 to show that off. My understanding is wireless streaming is still a future thing, but wired streaming is very much reality on Window 10, we know HoloLens has a micro-USB port. I would be surprised if I don’t see Xbox streaming to PC and Xbox streaming to HoloLens at E3.

The fact that HoloLens shows up on E3 is a promising sign, because it has to be somehow related to gaming.

We hope to find out more about FOV, mostly solutions. I’ll be watching closely at E3. I will update when we get close to mid June.