January 28, 2020

The Magic behind the E3 HoloLen Demo



I am still fascinated by Microsoft E3 HoloLens Minecraft demo,  shown on stage during the E3 event on Monday, check the video.  How was it done, and what do the two people play together? Here is my interpretation.

It is the Minecraft game designed specifically for HoloLens. The setting is like the above picture. Lydia is holding a Surface, and Saxs is wearing a HoloLens, with Xbox controller in hands. They are playing the same Minecraft game together, both see the same game, and both have control of the game. According to Phil Spencer, the game is running on HoloLens.

If the game is running on HoloLens, how do the Surface and HoloLens communicate with each other? Wirelessly, as it appeared, and likely just WiFi, which means the game that is running on HoloLens is streamed to the Surface. How else can it work together like this? This is significant if you think about it for a second: game streaming is extremely challenging on WiFi because of bandwidth limit, and gaming requires no delay. If that’s really happening, I have no reason to doubt, it’s really exciting. If streaming from HoloLens to PC works, then it should work the other way around, and Xbox to HoloLens too. Wirelessly, ladies and gentlemen. This is the first time I have seen it. We already know Xbox to PC streaming is already working, but that’s through wired connection, but this is WiFi. I am afraid I am missing something, I hope I am not.

A couple month ago I wrote about how PC and HoloLens work together, and how Xbox and HoloLens work together. See the following links: PC + HoloLens: How It Works, PC + HoloLens: Would It Work?, Xbox + HoloLens: How Can They Work Together? It appears this Minecraft demo is more evidence they can work together, wirelessly.

The next thing is Xbox controller works with HoloLens flawlessly, this is important because this was one of gamer’s main concern over HoloLens. This shouldn’t be surprise now, since if Xbox controller works with Oculus Rift, what’s the chance it won’t work with HoloLens? However the confirmation is important. I would like to extend this: a keyboard or a mouse shouldn’t be a problem, right?  If you remember my post: HoloLens: Where Is My Keyboard?

The third thing come out of this demo is: the same game can play as 2D and 3D. Why is this important? You ask. Because that means all current Xbox games can be streamed to HoloLens in 2D form, and they can be refactored for HoloLens to be played in 3D and 2D mode.

I like this demo, it revealed so much things I have guessed but couldn’t confirm.


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HoloLens Went from Whole Room to Table-Top at E3



Look at the above picture, and watch the video from here.  Yes, that’s the Minecraft demo on HoloLens during yesterday’s E3 press event. If you haven’t notice something strange, I tell you here. This time it is no longer spreading entire room. It’s only on a table top.

That bring up one word: FOV, you say. You are right.

It doesn’t matter. However you look at it, it’s still amazing. It proves that characters don’t need to be running around you to be immersive. Actually, a table top experience is more appropriate for games like Minecraft. Many business applications would work great with a smaller FOV.

For one reason or another, we are still waiting, waiting for the January experience. We don’t want to settle for amazing, we don’t want to settle for min-blowing, we want January back. Because we know what you can do, and we have seen it. We know NASA won’t settle for this, and we know something must be there.

We also know that “there are a lot of things to be figured out”, that’s fine, but we want you to know, sometimes amazing is not enough.

Instinct tells me something is cooking, I hope I am right.

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Watch Minecraft HoloLens Demo on Yahoo



Yahoo has posted piece about Minecraft only video. Enjoy!

Looks like FOV is shown on the demo. It’s still smallish, but experience still great.

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Valve Is the Second OEM to Support Windows Holographic Platform



Very busy today, so I will just provide one line news with a pointer.

Microsoft announced at E3 that it will partner with Valve in Windows 10 for its VR games. Well, Valve is not an OEM, but HTC is. And there will be more. Expect to hear more about this.


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Minecraft Demo on HoloLens Is Satisfying



Get tied to something else, only got a glimpse of the E3 demo. The Minecraft Demo is more than amazing. It is exactly what I expected. No update on FOV though.

My question is: Is this Minecraft played locally on HoloLens, or streamed from Xbox? Important question, I will watch it again.



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Watch Microsoft E3 Press Event Monday at 12:30 p.m. ET



For any reason, you have come to this page, I don’t think I need to explain it more. Tomorrow 12:30 ET (9:30 PT), Microsoft Press Event at E3. Three words: Xbox, games, Windows 10, and keep your eyes open on HoloLens.



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HoloLens’ Next Event Is E3




For those of us who care about HoloLens, next important event is E3. This year, E3 will be held on June 16-18 in Los Angeles. E3 is a major game event, but HoloLens will be part of the show along with Xbox One and software. Microsoft have states in different occasions, they will be presenting HoloLens in E3. On official dedicated HoloLens website: hololens.com, there is a short line: Be inspired at E3.

Not sure though, in what form or scale HoloLens will be presented. Hopefully, we will see some real games shown on HoloLens. There are two possible ways HoloLens can be used for gaming: mobile games, which are light weighted game for mobile devices, the games will run directly on HoloLens, no dependencies. Second form would be streaming from Xbox. If the second form had worked out, there is no better time than E3 to show that off. My understanding is wireless streaming is still a future thing, but wired streaming is very much reality on Window 10, we know HoloLens has a micro-USB port. I would be surprised if I don’t see Xbox streaming to PC and Xbox streaming to HoloLens at E3.

The fact that HoloLens shows up on E3 is a promising sign, because it has to be somehow related to gaming.

We hope to find out more about FOV, mostly solutions. I’ll be watching closely at E3. I will update when we get close to mid June.