January 28, 2020

Some Business Ideas with HoloLens – (15) Holo-Rock Star

This is the 15th in a series of “Some Business Ideas with HoloLens”. Read other posts here.


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Holo-Rock Star

Development Effort: 9/10
Business Value: 9/10
Wow Factor: 9.5/10


Before I started writing this “Some Business Ideas with HoloLens” series, I create a long list of ideas that are potentially workable. Rock star in one of them I decide to do later. Then I saw Anthony Lacopo’s article on Business 2 Community. He posted a few other well thought out ideas. Here is what he wrote about being a rock star:

Becoming a Rockstar

We all dream of being a rockstar, and recording a full length album in a recording studio. Picture yourself sitting at your dining room table, equipped with a pair of HoloLens glasses as you mix and master your garage band’s album on a virtual 96 track pro audio studio. An experience that was once only accessible to professional recording artists will soon be available at our convenience.

I said it is well thought out because it is not just fantasy. It not only has strong a use case (being or acting as a rock star), but also is practical and workable, if the HoloLens does what it is promised at launch. I am following the same idea here, but with some variations.

Many people have the inner urge to go on the stage, sing like a rock star, be greeted by a huge crowd screaming, yelling. Most of us will never have a chance to do that. A few get on the American Idol, they have to be good enough. What if someone organizes a concert of your own, and you don’t have to be a rock star. Actually you don’t have to be good at singing, people will go wild for your every move, wouldn’t that be great? I am not kidding. It is true, though with minor details: you have to put on your HoloLens. Also it is not a real concert, and the people in the audience are not real either, but everything looks real, and sounds real. Wouldn’t that still be great?

Here is how it works. An holographic app targeting HoloLens can be created. There will be stage settings to choose from, a list of popular songs to choose from, a list of matching audience to choose from. The stages will be 3D-modeled real stages, the people will be real 3D modeled people. There is no need for close-ups for people’s face, because the audience’s faces are unimportant, but they wave, they move, they scream, syncing with the performance. There will be a side screen gives you karaoke style lyrics (maybe music scores too). Performer can choose the ratio of the performers’ voice/sound to original voice/sound in the mixed output. If you are not that good, you set the ratio lower. You will hear more of the original recording, less of yours. If you think you are good, you can set the ratio all the way to 100%. Only your voice/sound can be heard. It really won’t matter because the audience love you anyway. I am still deciding which one is cooler: a virtual instrument or a really one the rock star should have, but they work either way.

Is the app like this hard to do? Yes. It’s hard to generate high fidelity 3D audiences and theatre settings, but they are all technically possible. I would avoid animated audience and anything look fake. It has to look real. It’s challenging but can be done.


Some Business Ideas with HoloLens – (11) Holo-Concert

This is the 11th in a series of “Some Business Ideas with HoloLens”. Read other posts here.

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Development Effort: 8/10
Business Value: 8/10
Wow Factor: 9.5/10

I have to admit: among all of the idea about HoloLens, I am interested in the concert idea the most. I am a fun of classical music. Itzhak Perlman, Yo-yo Ma…. I can listen to Brandenburg Concerto again and again. I don’t know one song from Michal Jackson, or Madonna, I do enjoy some Beatle songs and some contemporary pop and rock music. But taste aside, the idea of watching live concert in you living room is very very tempting. That’s not to say attending a real concert is not great. Being there, see and smell what is happening in the concert is not something you can do virtually. However, if you don’t want to beat the traffic, experience the weather, or just want to stay cozy, watching it virtually from home is about the second best thing you can do.

So the concert is holographically streamed live from, say, Lincoln Center, you are at home. Put on your HoloLens, start Holo-Cencert App, choose Lincoln Center. Then you are in the concert. What you hear, you see is totally like you are there live, because it is holographically streamed to you. Wouldn’t that be great?

Now question: why would the concert wants to stream it? We have the Internet, we don’t see live concert is streamed, with some exceptions. That’s because the experience is not up to the quality to ask you to pay.  If the experience can be close to how you watch in the concert, you would be willing to pay to watch it from home. The concert will do whatever to make money.

To make this happen, there needs to be a open platform, like the ticketmaster, which releases a common app. Every concert can sign up and setup their shows for streaming. The app provides means to show 3D holographic video, and the concert goer needs devices to capture the performance in holographic format. I don’t have enough technical information on stream a live concert in 3D, so can’t tell if that’s possible right after HoloLens release. Also, internet connection bandwidth required for this can be much higher than regular video. So, I will leave the timing open.