August 13, 2022

What to Expect from //BUILD/ 2015 (Updated)




Microsoft’s long-awaited, developer focused //BUILD/ conference, //BUILD/2015 will be staged in San Francisco next Wednesday 29th. BUILD happens annually, but this year is very special. Not only because it is the year of new Windows release, but also because of the changes made to this version comparing to the past. I would put Windows 10 in the similar magnitude of Windows 95. They are similar in amount of changes, but Windows 10 focuses on unification, or like what they say, convergence. Traditionally, it’s supposed be a developer event, but it affects general consumers more than developers. The one app runs on everything will be told and demoed again and again, but the star of the show will be Windows Holograhic and Hololens, and I don’t have to tell you why.

In anticipating of the big event, I am trying to put my thought in the past together, look at what will be showing, shinning and dazzling. I am quite confident about a few things, not sure about others. I will tell you when I am not.


Build Universal App: Why and How

Since Universal Application Platform (UAP) is the centerpiece of Windows 10, I am expecting the story of the convergence of Windows eco-system, and how things come together. Important thing is what happens if all device from 80″ screen to 0″ screen run exact the same application. I would expect a number of first party universal apps and a few third party universal apps demoed on stage. To developers, we will be shown how to work the magic ourselves.


Availability of Windows 10

I have a strong feeling, and a credible logic, that Windows 10 RTM date will be announced on the first day, 29th. It was reported that Microsoft had planned on June RTM (see the following link), but formal announcement and exact date would be nice. Also, I think there is strong likelihood that GA(General Availability) date will be announced too. It is said GA will be end of July, but not yet official.

Windows 10 to Release at the End of July


Availability of Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft already confirmed Visual Studio 2015 will be released in the summer. The exact date is not known. Common sense is availability of Visual Studio 2015 is tied to that of Windows 10. So, they are likely to be announced together. The date is likely end of July. Before that, developers can use Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and Windows 10 tech preview SDK on Windows 10 tech preview.


Gamming on Windows 10

Starting from Windows 10, gamming is no longer just Xbox and PCs, a game that runs on Xbox should theoretically run on any device, resource permits and developer allows. So there will be certain number of games running across board.



I don’t expect major announcement around devices, like flagship Lumia, Surface Pro 4. It’s not clear when those two will be released, but there is a important timeline: before back-to-school or after. Both are possible.

Edit: There are rumors regarding Surface Pro 4 to be announced at BUILD. I am not sure how to take it. On one hand, the sources are not really credible, on the other, I feel they can be right. Surface Pro 3 was released in June last year, it’s about a year now. If SP4 is stopped by Windows 10, then there is no reason to hold off after July. Also we have seen SP3 price cut recently, but again, BUILD is software centered. If they announce it now and available in August? Unlikely. So I still vote no to that. We will have to wait and see.


Windows Hologram and HoloLens


I anticipate that the most exciting demonstration and announcement will be around the Windows Holograhic and HoloLens.

First off, the Windows Holographic API and SDK will be announced and available immediately! Remember Windows Holographic is not just HoloLens, it’s crazy thinking but I won’t be surprised if something else other than HoloLens based on Windows Holographic is announced: first party or second party. I have something in mind, but I rather not say, because I am afraid to be wrong. Anyway, I think something is definite there, I am just not sure if it will be unveiled this time.

And best of the bests, you already know it, is Hololens, so, be excited. There will be more demos, but I think this time there will be real applications and games. I expect third party apps and games on stage. There will be demos of how HoloLens work with other devices: like PC and Xbox. I am really excited about this.

Developers will get HoloLens right on the meeting. It will not be final product, but close to final, with all the functions ready.

Finally the biggest questions everyone is asking: HoloLens Release Date, and Price. Here is my low confidence guess: there is a chance HoloLens release date will be announced on 29th, and price will be kept secret, but we will certainly get a hint of both. The media will ask them those two questions any way.


Edit: I have misspelled Windows Holographic as Windows Hologram, just corrected.





BUILD Will Tour in Other 23 Cities




Microsoft BUILD conference will be held April 19 ~ May 1 in San Francisco. Many people can’t make it there, knowing that, Microsoft is bring some of the sessions to 23 cities world wide right after the real BUILD. Here is the list of cities and dates:

1 London, England (May 18)
2 New York, USA (May 18)
3 Atlanta, USA (May 20)
4 Sao Paulo, Brazil (May 21)
5 Berlin, Germany (May 22)
6 Mexico City, Mexico (May 27)
7 Singapore, Singapore (May 28)
8 Austin, USA (May 29)
9 Auckland, New Zealand (May 30)
10 Sydney, Australia (Jun 1)
11 Seoul, Korea (Jun 1)
12 Paris, France (Jun 1)
13 Shanghai, China (Jun 3)
14 Amsterdam, Netherlands (Jun 3)
15 Beijing, China (Jun 5)
16 Prague, Czech Republic (Jun 5)
17 Mumbai, India (Jun 8)
18 Bangalore, India (Jun 10)
19 Milan, Italy (Jun 10)
20 Chicago, USA (Jun 10)
21 Johannesburg, South Africa (Jun 12)
22 Toronto, Canada (Jun 12)
23 Los Angeles, USA (Jun 15)

The events are free, but require reservation. So, if you are interested, please click here and select your cities to register to save your seat.

I want to draw your attention here. The dates ends Jun 15. Would that leave enough time for Windows 10 July release? I don’t know, just thinking.


Is It Possible: HoloLens to Release in July?