December 7, 2021

HoloLens: Detecting People’s Emotional Reactions


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Just a brief post about a newly published patent from Microsoft regarding HoloLens. Through Business Insider, I have learned that  the patent is about emotion detection from Head Mounted Devices, it is not limited to Hololens. Hopefully, that’s something that is or will be implemented in HoloLens.

The patent is titled “Wearable emotion detection and feedback system“. It’s main claims are:

A see-through, head mounted display and sensing devices cooperating with the display detect audible and visual behaviors of a subject in a field of view of the device. A processing device communicating with display and the sensors monitors audible and visual behaviors of the subject by receiving data from the sensors. Emotional states are computed based on the behaviors and feedback provided to the wearer indicating computed emotional states of the subject. During interactions, the device, recognizes emotional states in subjects by comparing detected sensor input against a database of human/primate gestures/expressions, posture, and speech. Feedback is provided to the wearer after interpretation of the sensor input.


Basically, when you put on the HMD, or say HoloLens, an audience (can be one person or a group of people) are in front you, the device can give you feed back on their emotional reactions by detecting their posture, gesture, language, sound (yarning). There are a whole bunch of sensors, and complicated system to recognize all the visual and audio reactions.

There is no information about the status of the technology, but if got implemented properly, it can open up a new area. Not a small feat for sure.