May 28, 2022

HoloLens: Release Date (Updated)

This is the second in a series of HoloLens thoughts. This time talk about release

Again, just like the price, this is an educated guess. A guess I feel good about, and you should too. I draw lines based on information that is publicly available (even some that people don’t pay attention to). Those lines are apparently solid enough for me to share with you. So, here we go.

Microsoft had publicly said, HoloLens will be available in the Windows 10 time frame. What does that mean to us? Not a lot. As many have said, this means it could be ready for sale anytime during Windows 10’s life time. Theoretically, yes, in realty NO. The correct interpretation is “HoloLens will likely be on retail shelves at the time of Windows 10 release, which is then likely Aug. ~ Oct. 2015; or a little later, like Christmas, 2015″.

HoloLens Misconception – 3D

As most of us who pay attention to Microsoft’s development know, technologies around HoloLens had started in development at least 7 years ago. If at this point of time, Microsoft announce it and wait a year later to put it on the market, allow everyone to learn and steal the technology, that’s very unlikely for obvious reasons.  And further, I just can’t find a reason that they can hold the technology for 7 years, then they can’t hold it up a year more?

To put things together, I am confident this thing will be ready for sale on or before this holiday season. Just in case you are still wondering: this is still almost year between announcement and availability. The only explanation is they treat this as a platform not just a device. To get developers on board, they have to release the holographic APIs, emulators, and probably development devices to the developers in April. I am afraid we will get more information at BUILD in April.

HoloLens: Price Estimation

– Update: Wired  had already got the release time, which is “By the time Project HoloLens comes to market toward the end of this year…”. So, my guess was pretty good.

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