November 29, 2020

HoloLens Release Date: End of July?




I have obviously wrote about the same thing before: Is It Possible: HoloLens to Release in July? Actually more than once. But with new information in hand, I can’t resist but repost it one more time.

What’s the new information? Last time I wrote about it, I didn’t know for sure that Windows 10 will be released at the end of July, now I do. I think maybe before that.

I forgot that Microsoft had said they will release HoloLens in the same time frame with Windows 10. Now I have 80% confidence that meant Windows 10 general available date, which is in July. Even though they kept the words vague for multiple reasons.

If Windows 10 release date is to be announced next Wednesday, it’s likely they will do same with HoloLens.