June 19, 2019

Review of Surface 3 Reviews, and My Thoughts




Surface 3 was released  a few days ago, and will be on store shelves on May 5. Only thing surprised me is they didn’t make it 12″. Otherwise, all accessories can be shared with Surface Pro 3. Speaking of reviews, most of them are not out yet, but a few of are out. They are very important ones. If you like to read those pointless long, detailed reviews, you have to wait a couple more days. If you like to read the short but right to the point ones. I think we have got enough: enough to make a judgment on the product, enough to make the purchase decision. I will pick two of them, my reasoning is: those two are usually very careful in praising Microsoft products, but if they say Surface 3 is good, then it must be good. If they say otherwise, I will add more reviews. Lets say how it goes.

First is  from Yahoo. His review title is: Microsoft’s New Surface 3 Hybrid Tablet: It’s a Terrific Value. This is his deciding sentence at the very end of the review:

Microsoft’s hardware divisions have been firing on all cylinders lately. The non-Pro Surface is another winner and deserves to become a hit.

I probably no need to say more.

The second is David Goldman from CNN. His title is Surface 3: A tiny PC that gets the job done. On the conclusion lines, he wrote,

There is nothing else available on the market with the Surface 3’s combination of price, design quality and size. If you must have all three, then the Surface 3 is for you.

So, I rest my case.

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I am not really surprised by what they had to say. As I wrote when Surface 3 was still in rumor state: Surface 3 Will Be the Surface for the Mass. I said if Surface 3 will be hot sale if they get to the price point of $500 including the type cover. As it turns out, you have to spend $630 to get Surface 3 base model with type cover. Another $50 with Surface Pen. Reports say you can get Surface 3 + Type Cover + Pen for $600 from Costco. Lets see what we get for $600.

The best way to describe Surface 3 is: It’s a light version of Surface Pro 3. Most people know about SP3, so a comparison between the two makes prefect sense.

Surface 3 is smaller, thinner, lighter, slower, cheaper with better cameras.

Surface 3 is 10.8″ diagonal, SP3 is 12″. Surface 3 is 0.34″ thin, SP3 is 0.35″.  Surface 3 weighs 1.37 lbs, while SP3 weighs 1.49 lbs. Surface 3 runs Intel Cherry Trail CPU, SP3 runs Intel Core i3~i7. Surface 3 sells for $600, SP3 about $1000 and up. Everything else is almost the same.

Surface 3 is for everyone who wants a SP3 but don’t have enough money.

For $600, I think it has reached the mass point considering all factors.

My final thought: Surface 3 might be slower in loading apps comparing with SP3. Main reason is its SSD drives are different from the ones in SP3.


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