December 7, 2021

Windows 10 “Restone” and “Windows As a Service”




Mary Jo Foley wrote on her blog at ZDNet that there is new code name called “Redstone”. It is a code name for Windows 10’s first major update due in summer/fall time frame in 2016. Redstone will be go with regular Windows update, but it will be a large scale update, which is more than an update: new features will be added.

The real news behind this is there might be a change regarding Windows update since Windows 10. Traditionally, Windows updates are bug fixes. A major upgrade would bump the OS to a new minor version, like Windows 8.1 or in the form of service packs. The mentioning of “Windows as a service” leads me to think it may be more than that. We will see how that plays out, but important thing for now: whenever there is an upgrade, all Windows devices get upgrade the same time.