April 12, 2021

Some Business Ideas with HoloLens – (19) Holo-Game Room


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Holo-Game Room

Development Effort: 8/10
Business Value: 7/10
Wow Factor: 8/10


When we talk about playing games on HoloLens, we picture ourselves sitting on the couch, in font of Xbox, with Game controller in hands, HoloLens on head. Or sitting at the desk, in front a PC with HoloLens on. Nice and comfy. That’s the why businesses of all kinds game rooms in the neighbourhood are going down.

I go to Niagara Falls a couple of times every year, have been doing that since forever. Every time I stay, I always go to Midway Arcade game on Clifton Hill with family. It’s been a tradition. Every time, the room is packed up. That tells in some situations, like tourist places, game room is still a good business. Not just arcade, bowling is the same. But over the years, Haven’t seen a lot of changes, despite the video game industry had changed some much. Tourist places are different from home, you don’t bring Xbox with you. That’s why the old style game machines are still attractive. But I assume they can’t stay like that forever. If there is more interesting way to play games, they have to adopt it. If they don’t others will.

This is where HoloLens can help. A HoloLens powered game room is an empty room: carpet floored, walls covered with soft materials so players are fine when bumped on them. Everyone in the room with a HoloLens on. All the magic comes from the software in inside of the HoloLens. The room can be filled with any games the software allows. They can be arcade, bowling, hunted houses, or even hard core games. With any reasonable software implementation, it’s hard not to be amazing. So, why people want to come when can do the same at home? They don’t have a room this big and the experience will be different. Also some game are not supposed to be played alone. And sometimes, it’s just more amazing to play in the crowd. Last, the prize, that, for some, is what makes it exciting. Just like gambling, it’s always more exciting to play in casinos.

Almost all work is done on the software development side. For businesses, investment should be much lower than before. You don’t even need technicians to maintain the equipment you had before.


Happy Easter Holidays, everybody!


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