May 28, 2022

For Corporate IT, HoloLens is Another Mobile Device To Manage



If you are an IT professional who work in corporate computing environment, you know there are many mobile devices to manage than servers, workstations and laptops. Tablets and phones are increasingly important nodes of computing on the network. Windows 2012 System Center and Intune are in handy to help your daily work in managing mobile devices for security, access control, VPN, etc. Soon enough, you will find another device to manage: Microsoft HoloLens.

HoloLens: Future Is Months Away

HoloLens is a self contained PC running Windows 10. It will of course have the capabilities of PC, like joining the domain, running under certain user credential, assessing network resources under certain security constraints. It will probably have some sort of USB port, but most likely connecting the network through WiFi. Also, It might be necessary for the admin to setup and enforce the App policy. Apparently, with HoloLens, Microsoft already have enterprises in mind. Here is a short sentence from Microsoft’s own website

Built on Windows 10 and delivering the trusted mobile device management and enterprise networking that IT professionals rely on to help secure devices in the workplace…

It’s safe to say HoloLens is intended to be one of devices in workplaces. The management of those devices would be part of System Center at the time the HoloLens is released.

Two Important Questions About HoloLens

If you are mechanical engineer or a designer, who would work with 3D models every day, please check the picture above: Wouldn’t it be great if your 3D models popup from your monitor, standing right on your table? HoloLens can be a great tool for everyone who work in an office. I will write about that later.

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