March 2, 2021

Does HoloLens Have to Be Worn on the Head?



About 4 years ago, I wrote an article for Yahoo about Windows Phone, 3D display and Kinect. What would happen if the three things worked together? Unfortunately, at the time, 3D display technology wasn’t enough to give user a great experience. Kinect was too big to fit in a phone. When Hololens was announced in Jan. 21st, I revisited the same idea: All of a sudden, things seem possible and realistic now. I am asking myself,

Does HoloLens Have to Be Worn on the Head?

HoloLens: Release Date (Updated)

I have realized HoloLens has brought three things that make it HoloLens: gesture recognition, world map and holographic display (including eye tracking). Of course, it needs a computer to power it up. The first two are provided by Kinect. Now we have got something very interesting here.

Windows Phone is a computer itself. Some new CPUs and GPUs running on the phone are very powerful now. Most of all, Windows 10 Holographic will be running on Windows Phone later this year. This provides all the intelligence needed for hand gesture recognition, speech recognition, and holographic algorithms. It also powers the light engine. The question is: Can the Kinect be made small enough to fit the phone? Probably not. Does it have to be? Maybe not either. This is my hope: Is there a scaled down Kinect, that only deals with hand gesture, not to worry about the depth info of its surroundings, but can be made small enough to fit a phone? To me, the answer is positively yes.

HoloLens: Price Estimation

The only question left is the size of the light engine. I don’t know, but I know this: In 2011, former Microsoft Chief Strategy Officer Craig Mundie has said in an interview that Microsoft was working on something that eliminates the Windows Phone screen by beaming lights directly to the eyes, so that you look at the smartphone, you see HD movies.  Part of what he said has turned to HoloLens, but he has specifically mentioned smartphone. Is that still under cooking? Remember he said that in March 2011, now it is 4 years later.

Some Important Information About HoloLens

What does it mean if a Windows Phone does have a mini HoloLens in it? It means you can see and do same when you wear a HoloLens on your head, only the field of view is smaller, but if you put the phone close to your eyes, you get the same field of view as the HoloLens.

I am excited. Why shouldn’t I?

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  • Rico Alexander

    Wow, that’s interesting and could be a game changer. A screenless phone, wonder does it have anything to do with that canceled flagship in the fall.