December 7, 2021

Some Business Ideas with HoloLens: (18) Holo-Oscar


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Development Effort: 8/10
Business Value: 10/10
Wow Factor: 9.5/10

In the spirit of Academy Awards…, I don’t know what that means, but I want to plug in this post, without breaking the HoloLens topic.

The Oscar will be under way in just few hours. Many people, like me, are no longer as excited as they were decades ago, but it’s still one of the biggest entertainment story in the world. For people who are in the business, that’s potentially the biggest moment in their lives or careers. So, what does the HoloLens have to with Oscar? Let me explain.

From HoloLens to “True” Hologram: How?

I have written about broadcasting live concerts in Holo-Concert. Technically, this is the same thing, consider this a variation of Holo-Convert. It means Oscar would be broadcasted live to HoloLens, from red carpet to the ceremony. The Academy needs to release a Windows Holographic app: Holo-Oscar. Everyone in the world can put on their HoloLens, and open the Holo-Oscar app. Now you see everything you see on TV, but in 3D. Not just 3D, it’s hologram: you can walk in, see the stars up close. George Clooney won’t shake you hands, but the second best thing you can do is: step on George’s position, get your hands shaken by as many stars as you want to. Seriously, you can bet it’s going to be a huge hit.

There are some businesses for the Academy to work out though: Will it compete with TV? How much the HoloLens audience need to pay? I don’t know, but I think the sum could be much bigger than what it is now.

HoloLens: Where Is My Keyboard?

Again, before we get too excited, there are questions on how holographic video can be made and streamed. Can the Internet deal with the bandwidth requirement? I believe it’s just a matter of time. Maybe we’ll watch a holographic Oscar next year, you never know.

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