April 21, 2019

Why Nokia Lumia 920 Is the Most Advanced Smartphone on Earth

920-Hero-1-jpgHere is quick run down as to why the Nokia Lumia 920 is the most advanced smartphone on earth.  I am not getting into any details, just a list. However, I only write what I am sure about. I am responsible for that.

1. PureView Camera with OIS.

Still Image – In low light conditions, there is no competition so far. No other phone comes close. In daylight condition, Nokia 808 is better. However Lumia 920 is still top notch for daylight images.

Video – with OIS, Lumia 920’s optical stabilization is totally amazing. There is simply no other phone comes close.

2. PureMotion HD+ screen. Pixel density 332 ppi, which is highest of smartphones. 60fps refresh rate, which is fastest of all smartphones. Not stopping here, the screen has the high contrast ratio of all smartphones.

3. Audio. HAAC recording. I don’t know if it is THE best, but it is among the best.

4. Amazing Design. I can only say it is the best. There is no other way to say it.

5. Outstanding build quality. Try search “Lumia 920 torture test”, see what you find. There is no one phone comes anywhere close to this one.

I don’t have to mention wireless charging, Nokia Drive, City Lense.