August 13, 2022

Some Business Ideas with HoloLens – (17) Holo-Advertising


This is the 17th in a series of “Some Business Ideas with HoloLens”. Read other posts here.





Development Effort: 3/10
Business Value: 9/10
Wow Factor: 6/10
Holo-Advertising, what an unsexy thing to say! I know, but without advertising, our lives would be much worse off. We are watching 900 TV channels for free because of ads. The very existence of the Internet is largely because of ads. There is no such thing as a free lunch: you either pay for it, or get it free with ads.

If we can’t avoid it, why not make it enjoyable, or at least less intrusive. Well, HoloLens makes this a reality.

Many apps don’t need the full field of view, so a separate ads windows can be place beside the main content. This is much less annoying because it doesn’t take screen space (there is no screen to begin with), therefore, it doesn’t affect user experience. You can enlarge your main content as much as possible.

I think most of the ad controls for Windows will work with Holographic interface, with little to no changes. So the development effort is very low, for both advertising companies, like Smaato, and the app developers. Of course, ads can appear in 3D form, if it is attractive enough, user may want to play with it. You see, if you can make ads fun, that’s real business. I haven’t seen this happen on the current online advertising systems. Holographic gives us an opportunity to do that.


  • Michael Dirisio

    The last thing anyone wants is their house becoming a mall. Sure ads pay for thing but they also can turn people away if overdone. If I’m in my house, I don’t want to see adds for my recently searched products appear all over the walls. If i’m in a public area and opt-in to see what is new around me, then sure ads would be great. It should be the user’s choice.