December 7, 2021

Some Business Ideas with HoloLens – (16) Holo-Map

This is the 16th in a series of “Some Business Ideas with HoloLens”. Read other posts here.

HoloLens - Copy



Development Effort: 9/10
Business Value: 5/10
Wow Factor: 8/10
Map in 3D is nothing new. Bing map has 3D (now bird’s eye view), Nokia Here map has 3D view. But we are not talking about just 3D map, we are talking about holographic map. The difference lies in two levels: 1. The currently 3D map’s so-called 3D mode is not really 3D, they are a few 2D images of the same object in different angles. 2. With holographic map, it is more than 3D. You can walking around a building to see any aspect of it continuously, the same way to see a real building, but in your living room.

I am trying to find a use case other than just “Wow, that’s amazing”. For something to last, it has to be more than looking good. It has to make your work or your life easier. One shortcoming of our map software is they lack depth information. If you are going somewhere you have never been before, you want to know how it looks from different directions in the perspectives of sitting in the car. There are many times, I miss the target driving with map (a digital one or a paper one). If I know which way I am driving to, I can put on HoloLens to have a better look at it before I leave home. So, it is more important to have a driver’s view, instead of a bird’s eye view.

It is impossible to map the entire globe in 3D, and no need to do so. Only if most cities are mapped in 3D, that would be helpful. I don’t know how much work there is in doing that, it is not something anyone can do other than a few biggest companies any way. When they are done, smaller businesses can provide tailored maps for specified purposes.