October 7, 2022

How Big Is HoloLens’ Field of View?



I have said this too many times, but there are still a lot of dumb asses in media do have a clue.

47″ TV: 19 x 11 degree
HoloLens: 30 X 18 degree

The above screenshot from Microsoft’s recent concept video shows just that. I know that’s a mock up, but it agrees to my estimation perfectly.


  • Skip Harrison

    If you’re going to call someone a “dumb ass” you might want to phrase your statement better. Also, normal human vision has about 120 degrees of horizontal field of view. If the above graphic is intended to represent that, then the only other fixed visual field would be the Hololens which would represent exactly 1/4 of the image’s width. Do the math, come on, it’s simple. The relative size of a “47” television is just that, relative. It varies depending on the distance that you are from it.