July 1, 2022

HoloLens SDK Is Expected to Release Soon!



As a number of people who have followed my blog noticed that I am writing a HoloLens programming series. I am ready to bring in another post with detailed programming technique and a working example based on my recent research on HoloLens programming. Just before I do so, I checked with the some great people that I have access to, just making sure that I am on the right direction, and that I am not misleading my readers. I got some information that is beyond exiting. I can’t contain my excitement. How reliable is my source? Well, I rarely say things that I am not sure of. Talking is cheap, lets get to is.

(We’re) working hard to release development tools and are looking forward to sharing information on the SDK for Microsoft HoloLens soon. The best way to ensure you receive developer updates and holographic APIs when available is to join the Windows Insider Program and install the Windows 10 Technical Preview. You can also start by building Windows universal apps and ramping up on Unity.

If you are a developer, you don’t need me to say anything more. This a what everyone is waiting for. I wonder why Microsoft didn’t make it available earlier.

For now, I will hold off my HoloLens programming series. Lets talk about it more when the new SDK is released. I think the date should be in line with Dev version of HoloLens hardware release, which is within two months.