July 1, 2022

HoloLens Programming in C# and DirectX – Intermission



While writing this programming HoloLens series, an extremely relevant, extremely informative, and extremely on topic video popup. I embedded video here, I think it is very very helpful for developer.

Main points from the video:

1. Battery life: 2hrs heavy renders, 5.5h light use.
2. FOV: 15″ monitor half arm length from eyes. Why? Cost and battery life.
3. A number of sensors (I think GPS is very likely).
4. Transparency is adjustable.
5. For complex visual, need to utilize a server to do the rendering, then push the rendering result to HoloLens.
6. Server can be used for multiple wearers to share the same scene.
7. Connection: WIFI, Bluetooth.
8. Unity is the main program engine.
9. It’s a like a laptop in term of CPU power. (Think of Surface 3.)

I will continue this series later.