October 7, 2022

HoloLens Programming in C# and DirectX, without Unity



As a developer myself, I am exploring how to get started to develop HoloLens applications for the up coming device. The information has been limited from a developer’s perspective. Currently, all sources pointed to Unity. However, that’s doesn’t answer all the questions. Actually there are far more questions unanswered comparing to that it answers.

I have been researching for the past a couple months. Along the way writing this blog, I have gained a comfortable amount understanding about HoloLens from both a user’s perspective and a developer’s perspective. Thought I would share my research results now. This journey consists of a few posts: I will first give a big picture of HoloLens programming: options and realities, then there will be two or more tutorial like postd about how to develop 3D application with working examples and code to download. Keep in mind, I don’t have a device with me. The code has some assumptions. But based on my understanding, if you trust me, my assumptions are usually close to the reality.

I will answer the questions like: Why use Unity; Why Unity is not the answer for everything; What to do if Unity can’t be used. I will show you the difference between an app and a game. I will show you how to write a DirectX application in C# without using a wrapper like SharpDX.

This is just a setup post, the rest is coming up in the next a few days.


  • Winson Chu