July 1, 2022

What Do Microsoft Need to Succeed in Consumer Market?


I have been writing about Windows Phone and other Windows devices for about 5 years, spent most of off-business time writing about HoloLens since anyone outside of Microsoft heard about it. I can proudly say, no one on this planet had written more about HoloLens than I.

During this time, I have notice one thing that most media don’t want to talk about: anti-Microsoft asshole effect in media and it audiences. Take one of my friends as example, one day we were discussing something technical. He went over to my computer, tried hard to find Chrome on my machine, but I didn’t install that. He has to settle for IE11 that I have, and type in google.com to search something. I want to say: fuck you! but he is my friend. You see, I have IE already open, Bing already open there for him to type in anything he wanted to search for. But he has to find that ancient, 1990 like user interface and search for something he think he couldn’t find from Bing. To be clear, this guy is not stupid, he wouldn’t be my friend if he is. It was the media from the Internet or whatever, educated him to believe that stupid, ugly look search engine is better.

He has a phone that runs Android. Why you buy a plastic phone with an ugly user interface? He said that’s what everyone do. He said same thing to a icrap for his son to play games.

Microsoft doesn’t need a better product. Surface Pro 3/4 are already the best computer and tablet on earth by a margin. Surface 3 is the best tablet that not only play game but a real computer. Surface Book is the best laptop that icrap can’t hold a candle for. Lumia phones are best smartphones ever made by human beings.

They need to turn those assholes into human beings. It’s start happening in the media. David Pogue had been one of those anti-Microsoft assholes, beside Walt Mossberg, he had stop writing Microsoft-bashing article a couple years ago. So, did many others.

My friend may not stop acting as an unintentional asshole for a while, but as long as the media stop doing so, he will eventually.

I want to tell Microsoft here, it is not technology, it is not marketing. Spend some time on the media, that’s all it takes.