July 1, 2022

New Clips Show HoloLens Is Real Deal


Microsoft is letting its own HoloLens team members post video clips from their work with HoloLens. We have seen three of them so far. They are: watching Netflix on HoloLens, Watching video on HoloLens and Stream game from Xbox to HoloLens. That shows HoloLens is the real deal, even with small FOV.

Now watch the videos first:

Watching Netflix on HoloLens:

Watching video on HoloLens:

Stream game from Xbox to HoloLens:


First, it appears to me, those videos are shot directly from HoloLens itself. I have proof for that, but I will write about it later. For now trust what I said.

Second, how small is the FOV? Precisely a 50″ TV from 10 feet, that’s the way you watch TV. If you want to watch something closely, like something in front your eyes, sorry, only small objects are fully visible. But from 10 feet, there is plenty of room for many things. I believe those above videos are shot WITHIN HoloLens Field of view.

Remember what I said about Mixed Reality Capture function that is part of Windows 10? That’s probably how the videos are made.

Streaming game from Xbox to HoloLens is a big deal. I had already wondered if there is lag. From the video we don’t enough proof about that, but that’s already too good.

Notice, some of scenes are in very good lighting, like the one close to the window. That answers a lot questions.

What’s next? I want to see reality mode games on HoloLens.

But for now, all the UWP apps runs on HoloLens. Isn’t it good enough?