July 1, 2022

Microsoft Future Vision – HoloLens, Cortana Based Sci-Fi Collections




Microsoft Research had invited Science-Fiction authors to their labs, showed off some futuristic projects they have been working on, and left rest to the writers. The results are a collections of Sci-Fi creatives. They are based the Microsoft technologies, like HoloLens, Cortana, etc. The collection covers computer vision, artificial intelligence, real-time speech translation, machine learning and quantum computing.

It took Microsoft Research 7 years to get HoloLens technology to today’s state. I am sure there are other projects that are in different stages. It would be great to see what is possible through those sci-fi authors’ imagination.

Those writings will be available tomorrow: Nov. 17th, 2015 in different formats: web, or eReaders.

If you are a fun of HoloLens, you shouldn’t miss this one. You can get them for free sometime tomorrow from Microsoft Future Vision.

Update: They are free, but I can’t find a web version.