July 1, 2022

Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Book: After Hands-on




Last week, I wrote this post:

Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Book: Choose Portability over Lapability

That’s before I have seen the two products in person. Today, both of them are available in stores. I got a chance to play with them myself. I want to share what I have found out.

My main impression is Surface Book is great product, you can feel that’s a high end product without looking at the spec sheet. But, it is heavy. Well, it is lighter than majority of laptops on the market, but when put it together with the Surface Pro 4, it is just too much mass. It is deal breaker for me.

Here is the thing, if you put Surface Book together with any laptop on earth, you will pick the Surface Book instantly, provided you don’t have issue with money.

The reality is there is Surface Pro 4 beside it. SP4 is an obvious choice. 2.5 lbs to 3.5 lbs makes a huge difference.

The only thing that challenges the SP4 is SP3. SP3 is much cheaper.