July 1, 2022

Asus to Make HoloLens? You Must Be Kidding!



The original title was: “HoloLens Is just One of Windows Holographic Devices”, I changed it for dramatic.

This is just a pointer to an article from CNET. Interesting development around HoloLens this morning: from CNET.

It’s hardly anything new actually. To Microsoft, Windows Holographic is the real deal. HoloLens is just another Surface like device. Difference is: this one is a new category, not a new device.

Interesting thing is how it can be done by Asus. I am not a fun of those Asian companies, including Lenovo. They can do anything existing on earth, with a bad quality. Even with that in mind, there is no chance, a company called Asus can do HoloLens. Maybe Microsoft will license their technology to Asus?

If does happen, Asus won’t be the only one. Keep your eyes open.