July 1, 2022

Beyond Technology: After Many Years of Tweeting, I still Don’t Get It


From time to time, I have something to say, but the contents don’t fit into the theme of the this blog. I mean something related to technology, but not directly technology itself. So, I started this “Beyond Technology” series. Honesty I have more to say outside of technology than inside of it, but I will restrict myself to topics that are relevant. Here it goes.

I have been tweeting for about 4~5 years, not too far behind I assume. Main reason I tweet is I am writing on the blog site, I want to notified interested readers that I have something new to say. Beyond that, I really don’t have a reason to tweet. Honestly speaking, it is an obligation, not a pleasure. I don’t even like the word “tweet, twitter” or whatever. That is not the same cases in bloggers community. Just this morning, I saw the following items from my very respected bloggers:

If anyone cares about Mark Guim’s good night sleep, that’s got be his wife, no one else. Well, that’s a good case, but how hard it rains in Southern California is supposed to be a weatherman from their location station’s duty. The thing is, my friend, everybody is doing this, and all the time. They seem to take pleasure doing that.

I don’t know, but is that true that the more you tweet the more likes you can get, therefore the more popular you can be? Maybe I am right, I really can’t find a second reason. But for all intent, I am not going to do that.