July 1, 2022

Develop Windows 10 Apps? Do not Use “Hamburger Button”



Windows 10 has been released for a full month. There is a good number of millions of people who are already using it. I believe the majority of developers are running it. Important thing to note is many stock apps have a so called “hamburger button”. That’s Microsoft effort to guide developers for next gen app style. I don’t appreciate it. Please read the article below to find out why.

The State of Hamburger Button

Historically, when Microsoft start something, developers will follow the same pattern. Not all the time, not when they do something stupid. One example of this is promote developing Windows Apps in JavaScript. The reasoning is many devs know JS but not C#. By enabling JS, many JS devs can go right on with JS, saving them from learning C#. It turned out a stupid decision, and people never followed.

The only valid point about hamburger button over pivot control is: with pivot, you can’t navigate to fifth page from first page, you have to go through pages in between. This is a silly argument, here is why: an app is a small software, in majority of apps we have seen so far, it’s never been a problem. In case you are you are writing a very complicated application (like MS Word), The command bar have buttons, which allow you to popup a context menu, which functions same like the hamburger.

Also, I don’t think anybody appreciate that you give a button at the top left corner.

In short, screw the “SplitView”, and the hell to the “hamburger button”. I predict these two will die matter you want it nor not.

Developers, do yourself a favor, use Pivot and Command Bar please, they are beautiful, smooth, and Metro.