July 1, 2022

What is .NET Native? What Does It Mean to Developers?



A new feature is introduced in .NET 4.6 and Visual Studio 2015, called .NET Native. To find out the details, please checkout an article on Windows Apps Team blog. And another on MSDN. Here I gave a short version.

Simply put, when you build .NET Windows 10 apps in VS 2015, debug build will be built into IL, release build to be built into native code. When building to native code, required .NET runtime is statically linked to the application. It will not use target machine .NET runtime.

Because the build result is native code,

1. It loads up faster.
2. It runs fasters.
3. It doesn’t care whether or what version of .NET is installed on target machine. It’s has its .NET runtime built in.
4. This is done automatically.

That is all.

(See, the same thing can be explained in a lonnnng blog post, or just a short one like this.)


  • SharpTag

    One thing missing from the “short” description is mentioning that there are some types of code that can’t translate to a static compile.