August 13, 2022

The State of Windows 10

It’s almost 2 month since the official release of Windows 10. It’s has been relatively quiet in the media regarding Windows 10. That is a good sign.

Even more, when CNet’s comments are not flooded with stupid complains, that’s a better sign.

And, you know what? Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols hasn’t come up with an article about Windows 10. That’s a even better sign. SJVN’s general pattern is: say nothing about the new Windows until its release, when he is ready to say anything, it can’t be good. To be honest, SJVN is not a troll, he is just a Linux enthusiast. When you like Linux, you have to hate Windows, that’s his logic, anyways.

A month before July 29, many industry watchers had deep concerns about the state of the Windows 10. It sounded like Windows 10 would either be a rushed product or skimmed down product. It turns out being none of them. Windows 10 is just fine. A little more proof of that,