July 1, 2022

Unity, HoloLens, UWP, Apps and Games, How Are They Related?



Many people have asked the question: What tool do I use to develop for HoloLens? The answer has been clear now: Unity, Visual Studio and C#.

For games, yes, there seems no question. I have had a big question, since a few months ago, never got an answer: We know Unity is a game engine, what about apps? Can it help writing apps too? Because the whole point of writing apps for HoloLensĀ is doing something in 3D, life like. From this Unity document, it appears that Unity does not only games, it does “Windows Store Apps” too.

For people who haven’t wrote games before, there is a big difference in how games and apps work. A game works in a game loop, events and renderings happen in frames. Apps are event driven, generally nothing happens if there is no events. In the old XNA days, there is a hybrid mode you can do Silverlight UI and game together. Under Windows 10, you render your game on top of a XAML element.

One thing I don’t know is how Unity create a Visual Studio project. Can you specify a game or an app, or there is no difference. I will try to find out.