July 1, 2022

Recommended Readings: 15 Ways Visual Studio 2015 Enhances App Development



eWeek posted an article titled “15 Ways Visual Studio 2015 Enhances App Development“. It is in the form of a slide show.

It highlights the following features from Visual Studio 15:

1. Unified UI for Debugging, Profiling;
2. Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server
3. UWP
4. Light Bulbs Suggest Fixes to Code
5. Python Tools Help Develop Python Apps
6. Node.js
7. Application Insights
8. Visual Studio Code: Language support
9. Visual Studio Code: Code-Focused Editing
10. Visual Studio Code: Debugging
11. Visual Studio Code: Git Version Control
12. Visual Studio Code: Customizable UI
13. Visual Studio Code: ASP.NET 5 and Node.js Support

Please go to the link and browse through the slides and make sure read the descriptions below. For some of the topics, you may want to dig a little more from MSDN.