July 1, 2022

Why Submit App Early Is Critical for Developers?




In just one day, Windows 10 will be officially released. The universal Windows Store will be open at the same time. I want to remind everyone, if you have UWP apps ready, it is important to submit them early, well, as long as you have setting the tools, and tested them properly.

There are two factors in into play here: because Windows 10 is new, many people would want to check it out. There is better chance that yours are getting looked at. More importantly, the UWP store would be tinny at the beginning, that’s a huge opportunity for your app to get a large amount a attention. Also your apps would stay in the new apps section for a longer time because of the length of the queue.

One thing we know for sure, once the store gets crowed, your chance of success is much lower.

If you don’t have an app designed for Windows 10, your 8.1 apps can be retargeted to Windows 10 UWP with no code change. I haven’t tried myself, but you should try.