July 1, 2022

Leaked Flagship Windows Phones Sound Great, But Something Is Still Missing



WindowsCentral had posted a monster leak a few days ago regarding the new Windows Phone flagship devices. Follow the link for details.

To sum it up: very thin (7-8mm), competitive specs, great looking, Windows Hello, Continuum. What else? Do you feel something is missing? I do.

This could very well be the flagships of last holiday. They skipped a year then showed something like this. That’s not what I am hoping for. How do you justified a year without a flagship device?

I had high hope for the new Lumia devices since the unveiling of HoloLens. I thought some really amazing technology must be there with the new Lumia devices.

It’s going to be competitive device on the market, but not even close to what it should be. Who is going to answer this question: why skipped a year no flagship devices?