July 1, 2022

Devs Can Submit UWP Apps on July 29 too




Many people are thinking about developing for Windows 10. If you have your apps ready, when is the store ready to publish your apps? The answer is July 29. For many developers, this date is important. Why? timing is everything. I don’t have to emphasis this more.

Please read Mary Jo Foley’s report for more details.

Important to note here, for .NET based apps (C#, VB.Net), applications are compiled with .NET native, it is special compiler that optimizes .NET applications to startup 60% faster, use 10-20% less memory. I believe better performance at run time too. Actually, starting with Windows 10 and .Net 4.6, .Net apps are architecturally different than before.

For current 8.1 apps to run on Windows 10. You need to retarget (recompile) to Windows 10. There won’t be code change needed (?).