July 1, 2022

Visual Studio 2015 Is Released! Should You Install Now?



Through S.Somasegar’s blog, Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 are officially available for download.

The biggest thing is of course UWP and Windows 10 support. In addition to that there is Visual Studio Online (not new) and Visual Studio Code (new). The problem is: Windows 10 is not final yet, which brings the question: Should you install Visual Studio 2015 now?

Short answer is no. Just wait for Windows 10 release, it is just one week away. Real reason for the wait is the Windows 10 SDK and mobile emulator are not final, you will end up doing something tricky to make it right when Windows 10 is available.

If you really can’t wait, please read instruction here to make up your mind.