July 1, 2022

Media Digest: Why HoloLens FOV Doesn’t Matter




Peter Bright has posted a commentary article about his view of HoloLens’ status, past and future. The article is titled: The HoloLens’ limited field of view doesn’t matter, and here’s why.

Before getting started, I want to say, Peter Bright is one of a few tech writers who knows what he is writing. Well, I say that because a half of them don’t.

In the article, Peter has given Microsoft the sharpest criticism  over its handling of HoloLens. I agree with him. I have never seen Microsoft act like this since many years ago. Today’s Microsoft don’t over promise and under deliver. That’s what I see overall, okay you might find exceptions, but they don’t void the rule. HoloLens is a remarkable exceptions. I don’t know what went through people’s minds. I respect Alex Kipman tremendously, but you can’t show people something you can’t do for a couple years. People do not expect an end products be less awesome than its early prototype.

I am hugely disappointed over those actions. You simply can’t do that.

The second point from Peter was: regardless FOV, HoloLens can succeed in business, and positioning HoloLens for enterprises in a good bet. Not only because there are many uses in enterprises, and not only business is a more profitable market, but also because it can give Microsoft time to reach a immersive FOV for the next iteration.


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