July 1, 2022

HoloLens Is Part of Windows Strategy




Mary Jo has posted an iconic interview.   Go to the article, search HoloLens, you can found at least 18 of them. That tells a lot about importance of HoloLens.

Second thing you will found out is: Microsoft will probably focus on businesses first. That’s not a surprise, since I have said the same thing repeatedly. Also, we have learned from the article that Microsoft have found strong interests in businesses. That’s great news. Generally speaking, enterprise market is far more profitable and lasting than consumer market. If a company use one product, they use it for life.

Another thing to note is, games for HoloLens are still in development. So, it sounds like consumer release is a little off right now, even though the hardware is ready.


For sure in the first version, it’s going to be more about developers and enterprise scenarios

In the HoloLens case, when I look at the interest, it’s amazing how many are in hospitals, healthcare, retail. That’s where I’m seeing the interest and we’ll definitely go after it.


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