July 1, 2022

Dell PCs with Windows 10 Will Be Available on July 29




Michael Dell had confirmed that arrange of Dell PCs with Windows 10 will be available July 29. Read the report here. Dell is the first OEM had confirmed early availability of the Windows 10 on new PCs. For other vendors, computer buyers would have to wait in store to get Windows 10 installed, or go home upgrade themselves.

This reflects Dell’s commitments to the PC markets and an important one. They will likely benefit from being early. Because for one, you put your new PCs in store with brand new OS just make them more desirable. For another, in store upgrade just negates the experience.

With back to school sales start in early august, most other PC vendors will miss the time frame, Dell is in a good position to thrive in the market. Not to mention their products are just better than everyone else: I am a big fan of XPS13 and XPS15.

I have never thought I would be a fan of Dell, but I am now.