July 1, 2022

The Frustrations of HoloLens



The feelings among the fans over HoloLens have been dramatic: from sudden excitement to sudden frustration. I think I can speak for many people. I want to take look back and try to figure out what happened and what’s going to happen.

There are two reasons for the frustration.

The first is obvious. They had set the expectation too high. Too high that they can’t meet it any time soon. That’s obviously a big mistake, which I still find it hard to understand. In recent years, Microsoft have been following the philosophy of under promise and over deliver. I started to get used to it. That’s why I found it shocking when we find out the FOV issue. The product seems to be very much polished, so for that to turn to today’s form is not months work. I am quite sure they know what they can deliver long before January. But anyways.

The second source of frustration is they don’t share the reason behind this due to competitive reason, that we understand. They can’t even give a vague time line on future plans. Obviously they can’t, they have to sell the current one first. The issue is they have set the expectation too far ahead. It is a problem when the product doesn’t even have a release date, people are already looking at version 2.

The result is: many people who were interested start to watch on the side line. Product like this usually sells to fans first, unless it is very cheap, which is unlikely. There are many business use cases, but business adoption is generally slow.

I don’t know how, but keep fans frustrated is not a good business. At least you should give them something to wait for.
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