July 1, 2022

Microsoft Announced HoloLens Academic Research Grant Program




Microsoft have just announced HoloLens Academic Research Grant Program.


What Is It?

It is a research grant, to research institutions, mostly Universities. 5 winning applicants will be awarded in approximately $100K each, including monetary and hardware. HoloLens will be provided, of course. Co-funding is welcomed. Also upon completion of the research project, a larger found may or may not continue.


Who Is Eligible?

Universities in the US. It doesn’t say it has to be Universities, but they are the main targets. It requires the research project to be non-profit in nature.


When to Apply?

Proposals can be submitted right now, and before 11:30 P.M. (Pacific Daylight Time) on September 5, 2015. Follow the above link to find where to submit your RFP (Requestion For Proposal). Also read details from the above linked web page.


Who Should Care?

If you are teaching or studying in any of Universities in the US, and your research field matches,  that’s a pretty good fund for a couple of post-grad studies.  You may find a job in Microsoft afterwards, who knows.


I have hoped for 50 instead of 5, but still good.
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