July 1, 2022

Windows 10 to RTM This Week!



From Tom Warren,  “Microsoft to finalize Windows 10 this week .” RTM is explicitly said in the article.

People who were worried about ” the state of Windows 10″ no longer say so any more. They, instead, say it is surprisingly good. Why? Because they were not ready for the changes, neither was I. Following the old the concept of RTM,  it is usually at lease two months before hardware on the shelves. And we know there will be an array of new PCs in the market right after July 29 for back to school sales. So, RTM this week is awfully late. Well, I think the way we think of RTM should change. My explanation of change is different from the others.

I believe there are more communication between Microsoft and OEMs than the past Windows releases. OEMs are probably running Windows 10 builds on their machines long, long before this week. If you remember my post a while ago: Microsoft Made Windows 10 ADK RC Available. I believe OEMs get faster than the “fast ring” of the Insiders. Therefore, when Microsoft say, we are freezing features (RTM) today, which only mean, the subsequent changes in the OS won’t break your drivers anymore. If you test OK on this build, you can ship it. Basically majority tests are already done, it is just a matter of retest and confirmation.

Some say, now RTM is just a minor milestone than the RTM before. I think this is right and wrong. RTMs are less important than before. But I don’t agree with other people about the reasons. They think RTM is just a word, Microsoft can still work on features after. I think RTM is still significant, because it set a point where OEMs can ship the OS now and feature ready and fundamentally complete. What Microsoft work on are not immediate features of the OS, rather surrounding features that are not the core of the OS: Cortana, Skype, Windows Hello, Microsoft Edge. My point is: RTM is minor only before work used to be on OEMs are done well before that now, it is not because they are shipping less features at RTM now. Hope you get my point.

So the RTM 8 ~ 10 week before GA is a thing of the past now.  And we know we can get Windows 10 on July 29, and new PCs with Windows 10 installed right after.