January 25, 2021

Developers: Key Dates in July and What You Do with Them



There¬†two important dates in July that developers should care about. If you read Microsoft’s blog here, it is easy to get confused.

July 20: Visual Studio 2015 Release (When Microsoft say RTM, they mean Release)
July 29: Windows 10 Release

There is confusion because Visual Studio is released 10 days before Windows 10, there are different paths to get Windows SDK, and your Visual Studio, SDK and Mobile Emulators may be in different states. To avoid all the issues, do the following,

Ignore Visual Studio 2015 Release on July 20, wait until Windows 10 Release on July 29. After Installing Windows 10 Release version, uninstall VS 2015 RC, and Windows 10 SDK. Then Install Visual Studio 2015 Release version (choose custom install and check Universal Windows App Development Tools option and suboptions).