May 28, 2022

Recommended Readings: Lego & HoloLens



Found an article on Matthew Sekol’s blog called The Most Intriguing Ways Lego Could Leverage the HoloLens. In the article, Matthew talked about how Lego can benefit from leveraging the HoloLens technology. He went into details on how HoloLens can be used in build process, and other business aspects.

The article is very well researched and very well written. I learned a lot from the reading. It was posted on Feb 17, so it is based much on information of the time. However, I think everything written in the article are still valid. Articles like that are timeless. I like it when people really spend time and present something that you don’t see anywhere else.

What I want to add to his points are: When children are done with the building, HoloLens can add characters in the scene to make it alive. The attraction is instantly there. Also, Matthew concerned about discomfort for children. I think Alex Kipman had addressed that briefly during NASA press event last week.

I personally think for Lego to embrace HoloLens is a brilliant idea for Lego’s good. I have no doubt this will happens, because if there is business, someone will do it.

Did I forget about FOV? No, I didn’t. In this case, FOV is irrelevant.


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