May 28, 2022

Disney Infinity Is Interested in Building for HoloLens



John Vignocchi, VP of production at Disney Interactive shared the idea with Engadget recently.

We’ve had multiple meetings and discussions with Oculus, multiple meetings and discussions with Sony about Morpheus, multiple meetings and discussions with Microsoft about HoloLens. We’re very interested in that space. There’s the socialization problem right now with VR, but augmented reality is very exciting.

You kind of look at Microsoft’s HoloLens stuff where you can kind of see through and that one’s kind of interesting from that perspective because I can see everybody else around me. But yes, we’re absolutely interested in that space because the Toy Box itself is kind of a very interesting concept of ‘I’m in the world I built.’

Disney Infinity is a kind of toy to life style platform. There are many reasons VR doesn’t fit for that beside social isolation. I think the VR is like biggest rollercoaster in the amusement parks, to many children, the thrill doesn’t worth the discomfort.

For HoloLens, that’s wonderful news. Disney is no question another high profile endorsement.




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