July 1, 2022

What Is the FOV of the Movie Theaters?



I am not talking about home theaters, but the real movie theaters.

This one was not planned. After posting “What Is the FOV of My TV? “, I went to the movie theater with my child, watching a movie called “Inside Out”. Turns out, that’s a good movie. Mostly fun, but at one point, it brought me to tears, really. It’s really an intelligent movie, for children and adults. It tells story about how a little girl’s brain works, why  a child (or a grow-up) act or feel that way. I think it is educational for all of us.

I am not here to promote that movie, but it happened before the movie starts: We got in early, so we picked best seats possible. An idea popped up, why don’t I measure the FOV of the movie screen? So, I did.

I remember the method from doc-ok.org, but since I don’t have HoloLens constraint, so I can measure it easier way. I put my phone in front of my eyes, making it just cover the screen, and I put my finger in front of my eyes, so I know how far away the phone is from my eyeballs. My phone is not exactly same shape as the screen, but I was able to put one finger on top it to make up the difference. When I got home, I measured it up. The result is in the following picture.


The view angles (max) from where I sat, that’s a good seat, are 65 x 41 degrees. I want to remind everyone, from last post, I got my TV’s view angles: 19 x 11 degrees, and HoloLens FOV: 30 x 18 degrees.

I venture to guess that the movie screen’s FOV is somewhere in the range of the first HoloLens prototype, which is not prefect, but pretty good.

Hopefully that gives you a perspective of what it’s like wearing the current HoloLens and early prototype HoloLens regarding the FOV.


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