October 7, 2022

Windows 10 SDKs Have Updated for Insider Preview



As promised (Microsoft Will Update Windows 10 SDK before End of June ),  one day before July 1, Microsoft had updated Windows 10 SDK along with Windows 10 Build 10158. If you have registered as an Insider and set Windows 10 update to fast. You can get it already.

For details please visit Build App for Windows blog. Aside from SDK refreshing, mobile emulators are updated too. There is not much important inform in the blog. Important thing is starting from now, SDKs will be updated as often as Windows 10 build and they carry same build number. I expect mostly bug fixes and some features that were not yet available.

For developers, after getting new build, you also need to do two things to your Visual Studio Projects.

Right click your projects in VS, Properties -> Target Version, then select the new version with the build 10158.

Open Manifest in VS, find Dependencies -> TargetDeviceFamily, Set MaxVersionTested to 10.0.10158.0.

Remember do the above two things every time SDK is updated, even after Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 are officially released.