August 13, 2022

What Is the FOV of My TV?



I know that’s a wrong question, but out of curiosity, I want to do something fun and practical. Read on, see if it makes sense.

Over the past a few months, especially last two months, there have been too many talks about HoloLens FOV. I have wrote a ton of posts myself. I thought I have got tired of it already, obviously not.

People say, no matter what exactly the FOV is, I have tried it in person, I know it was small, it must be small, that’s what counts. That’s true, but not the whole truth. There is a limitation in personal experiences, even hundreds of people’s: You have experienced certain set-ups, there are more situations you haven’t seen than you have. Now, I am trying to make a point on that.

Over the week end, I have got an idea: I want to find out what my TV’s FOV is. By that I mean the maximum viewing angles (vertical and horizontal) if I sit at a comfortable viewing distance. I have a 47″ HDTV, medium size of today’s standard at home (not in the market right now). I usually sit 10′ from the screen. A little too close than I want. I can watch it from 15′ without feeling too far away, should my living room be longer. Also I measured the width and height of the TV screen. See the drawings below. For comparison, I did same measurement to my computer with a 20″ monitor (within the brackets). The comfortable distance from my eyes to the screen is 24″ in this case.


With that measurement, I got viewing angles for the TV: 19 x 11 degrees, for the computer: 40 x 23 degrees.

So, what is the HoloLens’ FOV? The most reliable source I find is what was done in,  which is 30 x 17.5 degrees. It falls between my TV and my computer monitor.

I know people say viewing angles depend on how far away you are standing from the object. That’s true, but what matters is what use cases you are looking at. I have given two typical cases. One is watching TV, video, and playing games. Another is working on textual contents that usually watched close up. The view angles have to be like that, otherwise you wouldn’t feel comfortable and your doctors wouldn’t suggest you to do that.

What my calculation suggests is if you want to be immersed into a large digital scene, HoloLens FOV is certainly not good. But for cases you are OK to watch or play from a distance, or watch smaller objects close up, the current FOV is sufficient. The Minecraft on the table and Skype are two good examples of the latter. That’s why NASA is OK with it.

At the very least, I can guarantee that if you want to get comparable experience to watching TV or playing games on a 50″~60″ TV, HoloLens can certainly do that. It doesn’t sound too bad, does it?


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