July 1, 2022

Is There a Tethered HoloLens?



This post was in draft for some time. The question has been lingering in my mind for a long time. I have a lot of reason to raise this question.

Two day ago, I wrote something like “HoloLens Is just One Step away from Reality.” The problem boiled down to this: how to miniaturize an already existing technology into a smaller pack, and make it wearable on the head. This is easier to say, but in reality it can take years for that to come to fruition.

I want to further emphasis the fact this technology already exists. Two things we know as a fact. In January 21, 2015, a selected group people from the press were shown the first prototype HoloLens, I am talking about a large FOV. In almost all HoloLens on stage demos, a camera wearing a special HoloLens was shown taking live videos, for that, I am talking about an amazing FOV.

While waiting for portable/wearable HoloLens with an amazing FOV, why not go another path: Sacrifice portability for a large FOV. I am getting the hint from the above picture. Obviously there is a cable connecting to some device on a strap. Could this be something related to FOV. Maybe, maybe not, I truly wish it is.

If you can give me a large FOV, I am more than happy to wear the strap. I believe many would agree.