October 18, 2021

HoloLens On-stage Demo: Something about Those Cameras



Microsoft’s HoloLens on-stage demos have drawn a lot of attention, and criticism. Everything behind all these is the cameras. I thought it might be fun to bring those cameras to focus, See what we found out.

Those are not just every cameras, I am referring to those cameras, that are “HoloLensed” for HoloLens on-stage demo only. It has happened in three different occasions: Windows 10 event on Jan 21, Build 2015 on April 29, and E3 press event on June 15. Now, if they appeared the same, I wouldn’t even write this post. They didn’t. Below I have embedded videos from the above three events in timely order. I also put a close up picture of the camera below each video, so you can have a close look of them.

First observation is: They look very different from one another. The first one looks very much a like a pro grade live camera, with minimum customization. Visibly and clearly there are a pair of HoloLens lenses on the camera. But overall, it looked contained, not much flying wires.

The second one though, looks like a lot of work was put on the camera. It appeared there are a look of hacks going on. You can hardly recognized the appearance of the camera any more.

The third one is a wildly hacked equipment. There are not only a lot of flying wires, but it doesn’t look anything close to a camera. Amazingly, it was not on shoulders. The camera person was simply holding it on hands, but it was balanced, and moving smoothly without being shaky. I was amazed to be honestly. Hack, how does that work? That’s a small miracle for itself, though that’s not my point.

Second observation is: On each one of the cameras, there are a pair of glasses on. They are certainly NOT the same ones on HoloLens semi-final products. And even more, they are not on the front of the main camera lens.

I honestly don’t know what I could make out of those observations. Why do they bother doing that at all? Could that changes reflect the product changes?

My main point is this: Please don’t use that pair of glasses at all if you can’t put that pair of glasses on HoloLens. If you can’t, I am dying for an answer to: Why? But, hack, I want that pair of glasses, so badly.